When it comes to building your dream home you basically have two options – you could approach a draftsman or architect to draw up your plans and then send the project out to tender, or, you could engage a builder who offers a design and build service and who will look after your project from start to finish.

There are many advantages to engaging a design and build company – whether you look at it from a time, money or communication perspective, the benefits certainly speak for themselves. Having your dream home in the hands of a trusted builder from its infancy all the way to handover will give you peace of mind throughout the build journey and remove any unnecessary stress from the process. 

Let’s take a closer look at 5 key reasons to engage a builder who offers a design and build service…

1. Accountability

Traditionally when you build a home you will approach an architect or draftsman to translate your vision from your mind onto paper. Once you’re happy with how these look, you will pay this individual before approaching a builder who will cost the plans and give you a build estimate.

The issue with this approach is this – let’s say your house design comes in above budget, what are you going to do? Three to six months wasted and you have to return to the drawing board. Not only this, further cost will likely be incurred to amend the design to meet your budget. Many clients have been burned by this exact situation and have horror stories of home building processes that have taken 18 months or more and cost a fortune. 

This has seen design and build gain much popularity in recent years, primarily because the benefit of having an expert in building principles and current construction costs working for you throughout this crucial stage is massive. Through the process, the builder becomes responsible for regular budgetary feedback throughout the design stage to ensure your house plans are created within budget, saving you the anxiety of a potential budget breaking design and potential time loss associated. 

When you engage a builder first, they assume responsibility for meeting targets around your agreed project expectations and budget . Should this not be the case, they will work with their trusted architect or draftsman to tweak or change plans to achieve the desired outcome as part of the design and build service, which is included in their fees. Simply put, any cost associated with these changes will fall to your builder. This can be a great way to remove the stress of building, particularly if it’s your first time.

2. Communication

Another benefit of having your builder responsible for the entire project is that they become the project manager in a sense. Rather than you having to be the ‘middleman’ between architect, builder, engineer, designer and so on, your builder manages this, ensuring everyone is on the same page when it comes to your dream home. 

A modern builder who offers a design and build service understands that you’re busy – your dream home build is just one of the many elements of your life. But for a builder, your project is their main focus – they can dedicate all their energy toward ensuring the process runs smoothly. Having a single company on the job also means you can have regular feedback on the progress of your project around budget and time to completion. It really is the best way to ensure your build is delivered to your specifications.

3. Time

Having one company look after your project from start to finish will save you many hours. Aside from the fact that you won’t actually have to sit down and regularly check in with an engineer, draftsman, architect, designer and builder, you won’t have to gather information and documents from each source and send to others, which can hold up the process. On top of this, it is not always known by clients as to exactly what they require or moreso, where to acquire it from. Another benefit of a D&B service.

A design and build company, like Primebuilt Constructions understand how the building process works and exactly how long it takes. If things are delayed for unnecessary reasons, your builder can determine the issue and work to speed things up accordingly. 

4. Experience

When you work with a long-standing design and build company, you’re not just paying for the work, you’re also paying for their experience. A builder like Primebuilt Constructions will have many years of experience building dream homes and working with trusted and reliable suppliers, partners and trades. 

This means the process is more likely to run smoothly and your builder can guarantee a high-quality product that they know they can deliver in a specific time frame,  itself saving you time & money.

5.  Streamlining

Arguably the best part of engaging a builder with a design and build service is the streamlining benefits. With one company looking after everything from start to finish, you will save time, money and the potential heartache of your project not turning out as you imagined. 

This means all you have to do is explain your vision to your builder and let them look after the rest – engaging an architect or draftsman they feel can bring this to life in the best way possible; choosing trusted suppliers; engaging high-quality tradesmen who they know are reliable; and finding an interior designer to turn your house into a home.

If you’re ready to engage a Melbourne builder who offers a design and build service, get in touch with Chris and the team at Primebuilt Constructions today!