Man holding video camera

Shows like The Block, House Rules and Buying Blind have captured the imaginations of many Australians, showcasing how run-down homes can be transformed into modern masterpieces, often in limited timeframes. While they may be ‘reality TV shows’, they don’t actually illustrate the complexities and challenges of real-life building, making them less of a reality and more of a mystery.

Here are some of the common misconceptions we see on building TV shows:

Kitchens aren’t built in a day…or a week

Kitchens are a complicated beast – between plumbing, electrical, appliances, joinery and surfaces, there’s a lot to think about. Therefore, it’s near-impossible to demolish and rebuild a kitchen in just a week. With many moving parts, they are one of the most detailed areas of your home and deserve the time dedicated to getting them just right. Depending on the complexity of your design, demolishing and rebuilding of a kitchen usually takes 4-8 weeks. 

Costs – base + media attention

Home building budgets are highly simplified when on TV. Featured brands recognise lucrative marketing opportunities and as such, offer goods and services at a much lower price than normal, sometimes free. This means material costs are lower and suppliers prioritise delivery, to maintain the restricted time frame. This media attention also works on trades – prices are usually lower on television than they are in real life. 

Take into account – it’s not from scratch 

Homes that appear on the likes of House Rules are mostly renovations, however, have included knock down rebuilds. It’s important to remember the foundations and structure of a house takes considerable time and effort that is often overlooked when viewing the end result. These are the most important and costly areas of your home and are often overlooked on reality TV shows.

Missing manpower

Clever editing means that the focus of reality TV shows is on the contestants. In reality, there are an abundance of tradespeople and skilled professionals behind the scenes, often working around the clock, helping to complete each project. 

Between engineers, builders, electricians, tilers and plumbers, there are many hands that make light work. In reality, a builder may have one main set of trades who work throughout an entire project, ensuring every element is up to scratch.

The combination of unrealistic time frames, inexperience and a competitive element on building TV shows leads to a highly unrealistic outcome and one that often leads to incomplete or substandard finishes (that require repairs or refinishing at a later date off air).

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