Primebuilt Constructions is back and better than ever, after an exciting renovation. With a redesigned logo and revolutionised brand identity, every aspect of Primebuilt Constructions now reflects our company’s foundations and the future of our business.


Primebuilt. Built with Pride.

You’ll notice that our name has remained the same during this renovation. Over time, Primebuilt Constructions has established a reputation in Melbourne, with our name becoming synonymous with quality, trust and transparency. The renovation was designed to build upon our brand’s strong foundations and to reinforce our commitment to high quality results. We’ve kept the name to remind our clients that we are the same trusted tradesmen as before, simply with a new and improved exterior.


Our new logo had to reflect the three pillars our brand has been built upon: People. Modern. Quality. These pillars demonstrate our dedication to establishing long lasting professional relationships with people at every level of our business; to our passion for contemporary modern design and ability to remain abreast of the latest trends; and our longstanding commitment to quality.

The brand renovation was a chance for us to create a modernised logo that shows the maturation of our business. We’ve kept the signature charcoal, orange and white colours front and centre, but tweaked things a little to add a level of sophistication and elegance. We are proud of our new and improved logo, which reflects our progressiveness as well as our relentless commitment to top quality results and our devotion to going the extra mile.

Brand Identity

This was also an excellent opportunity to reassess our brand’s identity. Primebuilt Constructions is a proud family business with an awe-inspiring portfolio of both small and large-scale projects across Melbourne. Everything about the Primebuilt Constructions brand now reflects our team’s extensive experience in the industry, dedication to long lasting client relationships and unwavering commitment to quality and timely results.

The updated brand identity reflects just how proud we are of our exceptional company. We truly believe a brand is the sum of all parts of a business, from the way you deal with clients to our business website. This renovation has allowed us to revise our brand and ensure every aspect of Primebuilt Constructions proudly represents our mission and our tagline, Built With Pride.


Finally, the renovation included the launch of a new website – The new and improved website demonstrates our commitment to transparency and quality results. It is a place where we can share our portfolio of completed projects and values to past, current and future clients with pride.

With over 30 years of combined experience of our businesses Cahill Homes (est 1986) and New Millennium Homes (est 2000), the Primebuilt Constructions team are a proud home builder around the Doncaster and Templestowe area. We are committed to building homes of the highest quality, continuously going above and beyond to achieve results we are proud of. From the very beginning, Tony Cahill identified an opportunity to deliver Quality Home living to what was a quickly growing area. 30+ years on his passion for the Industry and the quality product he delivers is still just as strong. A passion now shared with his son Chris through Primebuilt Constructions.


To find out more about how Primebuilt Constructions can help you create your very own dream home, contact us today.