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Our latest project is an exciting Hamptons-style custom home, located in the heart of Melbourne’s East. The Hamptons-style has gained in popularity all over Australia in recent years, so we decided to have a chat with Belinda Vanden Boom from Gallerie B Interiors to find out what the fuss is all about!

Belinda is also the talented interior designer behind our current Hamptons home and offered a few insights into what we can expect from this exciting project’s design.

PC: What elements define the Hampton style, and which ones will you bring into this project?

BVB: Elements defining the Hamptons style include a relaxed, light-filled space with a strong connection between indoors and outdoors. The style is fresh, yet classic and timeless.

In this project we are ensuring the main indoor living space connects seamlessly with the outdoor entertaining area. The exterior is being re-clad in weatherboard and the roof gables are featured. We are maximising natural light with large windows and have selected traditional fittings and fixtures for the bathrooms and wet areas.

PC: Can you tell us a little more about the materials and colour palette we can expect to see in the final home?

BVB: The materials are very classic such as white composite benchtops, shaker style cabinetry, subway tiles and classic tapware in polished chrome, with an emphasis on joinery detail and beautiful handles. The floors will be a warm timber hardwood, while the palette will be a mix of whites and soft greys.

PC: What statement design features can we expect to see?

BVB: There will be feature panelling along the entrance hallway and stairwell and the exterior render will be clad in weatherboard. We are also including a traditional barn door between the master bedroom and ensuite. Attention will be paid to details such as architraves, skirting and cornices, which will be consistent throughout the home.

PC: With the Hamptons style coming from popular holiday destination for New Yorkers; what elements of the ‘vacation’ theme will influence the home?

BVB: Classic French doors will open out onto the pool and alfresco area. The living areas will be open plan and light-filled. There will be a strong connection between the interior colour palette and materials selected for the exterior and landscaping.

PC: How can existing homeowners add a little Hamptons-style into their current homes?

BVB: Consider timeless furniture with classic shapes and turned timber legs. Layer with pieces such as floor rugs, linen cushions and patterned cottons. Include soft furnishings such as Roman blinds in rooms with hard finishes like the kitchens and laundry.

Additional lighting can also add a classic touch for example, wall lights in bathrooms, powder rooms, living spaces or even kitchens. You could also incorporate a soft colour palette of blues, whites and greys into your home or consider using wallpaper to create another layer, either textured or with a soft pattern.

PC: What is the most challenging part of designing a Hamptons home?

BVB: Until recently I would have said sourcing some of the pieces in Australia, but now there is much better access to high quality products such as lighting, hardware and furniture to help create a Hamptons look. Also working within a tight budget can be challenging as all the details can add up. It is important to know where to spend more money and where you can save, to achieve the overall design aesthetic.

PC: Where do you find inspiration when designing a home like this?

BVB: With such easy access to social media, it’s wonderful to be able to find inspiration from many designers who work either in the Hamptons area or work within this style. I follow many American craftsmen and suppliers to get ideas. Pinterest also has an incredible resource for people wanting ideas for Hamptons design. I usually set up shared Pinterest boards with my clients, so we are all on the same page when it comes to the details.

PC: Is the Hamptons style becoming more and more popular? Can we expect to see more of it?

BVB: Yes, the Hamptons style home is very popular right now. Australians can relate to this relaxed style and connection between the indoors and outdoors. I think the style is evolving in Australia with more of a coastal twist. I’m starting to see people becoming more adventurous with joinery colour and moving away from the traditional white cabinetry, with various shades of blues and greens. Particularly in coastal homes, we are also seeing lighter timber flooring as opposed to the more classic darker options.

PC: What tips do you have for people wanting to build their own Hamptons-style home?

BVB: The Hamptons style is all about the details. Consider the materials being used in the house and keep the details consistent throughout. When furnishing the home, my tip would be to keep the palette and furnishings restrained but don’t forget to add accessories to personalise the space. If you are unsure, hiring a designer can help not only pull it all together but figure out where to spend and where you can save to achieve the overall look.


To find out more about building your very own Hamptons-style home, get in touch with the friendly team at Primebuilt Constructions today.